Art's Club Objective:

The ARTS club was established with the core idea of involving and developing students’ passions and talents. The club emphasizes on social skills, intellectual skills, organizing skills, moral values, personality and character development of students. The ARTS club’s flagship event, the Rigolade fest is a 3-day carnival that is conducted during the month of January or February. The Traditional Day and Naach are other major events at SNIST Arts Club. Apart from the six unique platforms, the club has Devonyes, the official dance crew of SNIST. Devonyes represents SNIST at different levels of dance competitions.
There are six dierent platforms for students to express themselves and create a sense of unity:
Sargam for Musical expression
Nrithya promotes dance
Kalakriti helps develop painting skills
Abhinaya is a great platform to learn to act, along with Direction,
Script writing and Acting
Sahithi signifies Creative writing and literary expression
Shakti, actively gets involved in philanthropic activities.
Apart from the six unique platforms, we also have Devonyes, the official dance crew of SNIST. Devonyes represents SNIST at dierent levels of dance competitions. 
An extension of the Arts Club, MUNSOC, or Model United Nations Organizing Committee, organizes the Excelsior MUN, the official MUN of SNIST. By joining and taking part in the event, one gets a unique hands-on experience of organizing an extraordinary event.
Faculty Head: Dr. P. Venkat Reddy Sir, HoD of S&H
Chief Advisor: Maitreyee Mukherjee, The Marketing Director of Sreenidhi Group
Faculty Advisors: Mr. Manikanta Akula, Assistant Professor
The Arts club’s current board holds 18 powerful positions held by 3rd year students elected by the former board. The club also has an advisory board from the 4th year who guide the current board in a few areas. It also comprises members from the 1st and 2nd years. The Arts club has 80+ active second-year students working for the refinement of SNIST events. Every year, the club also recruits the enthusiastic first years. 
The Arts Club Board Members: Akash Reddy, Abhinay Reddy, Pranay Bangaru, Sairam Tidala, CS Mukund, Ashitha Sangani, Shubhangi Gaur, Yuktha Bhargavi, Samhitha U, Shivani Singh, Raghavendra Prasad, Srikar Rama, Shiril Joel, Krishna Sai Prashanth, Gayathri Sai Shruthi, Srinivasa Raghuram, Srujith Emmadi, Pratham K
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