Sreenidhi Photography Club

"Photography is more than just a skill or talent, it's a passion that needs constant fulfillment. We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us"

SREENIDHI PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB was founded on August 7th, 2015 as a domain of  Arts Club. After two successful years, it has become an Official Photography Club of SREENIDHI INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY on August-7-2017 under the guidance of our beloved Executive Director Dr.P Narasimha Reddy and Faculty head, Dr.Venkat Reddy.

Earlier it was named as Sreenidhi Photography Department (SPD).

Our founder Richie Joel’s passion and commitment towards photography made him form SPD.

It all started with a group of 4 people (Richie Joel, Sriker Reddy, Yashwant Kuncha &Sravan) in 2015.

By 2016 SPD is a family of 15 Photographers under Sriker Reddy leadership.Our next President Jayanth Boorgu and his team were the board who played a major role in the formation of  Sreenidhi Photography Club from SPD in 2017. His team includes Priyatham Reddy, Harsha Bashetty, K.Praneeth, Nikhil Regulapati, Puneeth Chinnam, Sreenath Tangirala, Rishidhar Reddy, Vaisakh Saburi and Preetham.

The 2017 -18 year was the one that we can look back and certainly be proud of what we accomplished. There was growth in members of the club from 4 members to 35 members under Jayanth Boorgu leadership and it reached to 50 members by 2019 under Govind Polumraju leadership.