Infinity Club-SNIST

The Infinity Club-SNIST is a theoretical physics community formed for a philosophical approach, backed by reason, fuelled by imagination, bounded by human madness to understand the ultimate secrets of the universe. It was founded by Mr. Raghavendra Sanem and Mr. Aman Sriperumbuduru on 20th July 2018 under the guidance of Dr. P. Venkat Reddy, Professor and HOD, S&H Dept. and Dr. Paramesh Donta, Assistant Professor, S&H Dept.

The club is a platform for all astronomy and quantum physics lovers to learn from the first and foremost thought to recent scientific developments. It provides opportunities for people with engineering backgrounds in the field of physics and astronomy. The club aims to realize the potential of engineers and their contribution to the greatest discoveries of mankind.


  • To promote knowledge in the fields of astrophysics, classical physics, and quantum physics.
  • To encourage practical/thought experimentation in the above-mentioned branches.
  • To enlighten the students about the up-to-date "verified and proved" explanations of the cosmos.
  • To enhance and strengthen their imagination for all-round development.


In a journey of pursuing cosmic truth, the following activities and endeavours have been taken up by the club:

  • Sessions: The club members gather on a weekly basis and discuss all the existing concepts of modern physics comprising of both astronomy and quantum physics on the whole.
  • SHIKSHA: A campaign with the motto to teach the young curious minds the fascinating facts about our universe. The club visits orphanages with around 40 students each to spread the knowledge and encourage the less privileged.
  • The club participated in Vigyan Samagam at VIT Museum, Bengaluru, and had a valuable experience of witnessing and learning about CERN's traveling exhibits and other major engineering and physics projects across the world.
  • VITA: An initiative meaning Life in Latin is conducted every year on the day of the club's anniversary where all the members of the club will be planting one sapling each and nurturing them as a gesture of love and responsibility towards nature.

We conducted a plantation drive on the occasion of our first anniversary on the college campus.

28 trees were planted by club members and faculty, as a contribution to nature by the club.

  • The club members visited G.P Birla Planetarium on World Astronomy Week to gain first-hand experience in stargazing and night sky observations.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned activities, the club involves in spreading knowledge across many social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to educate and enlighten the young minds throughout the world.

Board Members:

S.No. Designation  Name  Year



 Ashwin Chalamalasetti



 General Secretary

 Abhinay Muthineni



 Vice President

 Mohammed Irfaan



 Technical Advisory Board and External Affairs Secretary

 Kiran Varma



 Technical Advisory Board

 Gowtham Karthikeya Patchigolla



 External Affairs Secretary

 Hriday Jadhav



 Internal Affairs Secretary

 Sesha Sahithi



 Internal Affairs Secretary and Technical Assistant

 S Shreya



 Organizing Secretary

 Jishnu Sripada



 Organizing Secretary

 Bhuvanagiri V K Sai Pradeep



 Designing Secretary

 Anunai Marepalli



 Technical Assistant

 Lalitha Pilli



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