Incubation Policy

Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology (SNIST) has been promoting creativity and innovation among its students and faculty. SNIST’s Entrepreneurship Development Committee and the Institute Innovation Council members are continuously engaged in the generation and distribution of information, just as students are finding ways to launch business ideas to influence society and solve problems in the real world. The expert committee has identified many cutting-edge technologies to support and translate faculty members and students’ ideas into commercial products. 

Through this policy SNIST commits to support interested faculty members and students in their startups journey. Facilitate training in development of technology based innovative products that not only solve societal problems but meet global standards. Further, through this policy provisions are made for faculty and students to provide an effective launchpad where they can focus on development & growth to achieve success. Through its incubation facility the startups can benefit from acquiring necessary business skills,  mentorship by experts, relevant industry networks and funding through SNIST associations.

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Telangana Innovation Policy

Startup Policy

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