Our Placement Process

We follow a process driven placement system to make recruitment as simple as possible for students and companies alike. The following steps are involved in our placement process:

We contact companies 2 months prior to the placement schedule.

  • We contact companies 2 months prior to the placement schedule.
  • Companies provide us with the necessary data through a Job announcement form.  
  • We scrutinize the requirements and send a formal invitation to the companies.
  • We fix a mutually convenient date and time for the presentation & selection process.
  • We announce the date of the visit and other relevant details provided by the company to the students.
  • We ask the eligible students interested in the job to apply for the job a week before the visit.
  • We provide all essential details of applicants to the company a week before the visit.
  • We facilitate the presentation and other recruitment activities on the day of the visit and a set of student volunteers are allocated to take care of the logistics on campus.
  • We announce the list of selected candidates once we receive the final list from the company.
  • We share the offer letters forwarded by the company with the respective students.
  • We share a copy of the offer letters signed by the students with the company.
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