CSE-AI and DS Highlights

Programme objectives:

B. Tech in Computer Science (Artificial Learning and Data Science) is an undergraduate programme with innovative and advanced learning solutions. It lays foundation for developing solutions to real time challenges by using principles and technologies of AI and DS

 With a cutting-edge combination of machine learning, analytics, and visualization technologies, students will be able to build intelligent machines, software, or applications The main goal of artificial intelligence (AI) and Data Science is to program computers to use example data or experience to solve a given problem.

This Program is best for students seeking expertise in AI and DS technologies which will help them to take advantage of the new employment possibilities world-wide

To Prepare graduates who can plan, design and manipulate the data with AI Mechanisms to build artificial intelligence enabled systems which mimic the human brain.

The first two years of this program begins with a set of introductory courses, like Mathematics, physics, English, computer languages (C,C++,Java), Database Management Systems, AI and DS which provide students with a firm foundation in mathematics, computer science, database systems as well as communication skills. These courses include weekly labs in which students use state-of-the art software development techniques to create solutions to interesting problems.

The last two years of study focuses on the concepts and techniques used in the design and development of advanced techniques in AI and DS. In addition, students choose from a rich set of electives, which covers skills in demand. These advanced courses give broad opening for research and help them to choose specialization in their higher studies. A generous allotment of open electives allows students to learn foreign languages like French, German, Spanish; and it includes computing with a business focus. 

Students in this program pursue an inter-disciplinary course of study that combines strong foundation in computer science with a focus on interdisciplinary areas. This program is designed for students who seek to blend their computer science abilities with skills in demand and skills specific to AI and DS domains to solve Societal problems in that domain.

Having completed this course, a student is prepared to work independently within a well-structured design frame work in the job and for higher studies in Computer Science, AI, DS and allied domains

Highlights of the program 

The following courses are introduced in the curriculum in the area of AI and DS

  1. Introduction to Data Science

  2. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  3. Machine learning  (Theory and Lab)

  4. R- Programming Lab

  5. Big Data (Theory and lab)

  6. Advanced AI and Deep Learning 

  7. Social Web and Mobile Analytics (Theory and Lab)

  8. Deep Learning Lab


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