CSE-Cyber Security

  B.Tech. CSE Cyber security*


To emerge as a leading department in Technical Education and Research in India in Computer Science and Engineering, especially in Cyber Security domain with focus to produce professionally competent and socially sensitive engineers capable of working in global environment.


  1. To prepare Computer Science and Engineering in Cyber Security, graduates to be a lifelong learner with competence in basic science & engineering and professional core,  multidisciplinary areas ,  with continuous update  of the syllabus,  so that they can succeed in industry as an individual and as a team or to pursue higher studies or to become an entrepreneur 

  1. To enable the graduates to use modern tools, design to protect against cyber security attacks and also communicate effectively with professional ethics. 

  1. To continuously engage in research and projects development with financial management to promote scientific temper in the graduates and attain sustainability.

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