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About the Department

This department comprises of expert faculty in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. The department is laying strong foundation for engineering studies of all branches since Engineering is nothing but Applied Sciences. Besides this, the department is engaged in improving the communication skills of the students in the global scenario and improving their interpersonal skills and group skills. 


  • To grow as an Institute of Higher Learning by introducing post-graduate courses and research facilities.
  • To introduce at least one PG course in Physics, Chemistry, English and Mathematics by 2018.
  • To introduce Doctoral Programmes on part-time basis initially and on full time basis in due course of time.


The Basic Sciences and Humanities department has great responsibility to lay strong foundation for engineering students to attain excellence in core competencies with high level of motivation, technical competence and moral strength to face and survive the global challenges and to adjust to cross cultural environment. The department is dedicated for this cause and Mission.


Dr. P. Venkat Reddy
HOD S&H Dept.


The department of Science and Humanities is constituted by expert faculty in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English.Apart from   providing inputs to the Engineering curriculum, the department takes care of curricular and extracurricular activities of students in SNIST. The department is being engaged as a research centre in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The department has 12 Ph.Ds and  guiding research as supervisors.  


SREENIDHI INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, founded by Sree Education Society of the Sree Group of Industries in 1997, shaped itself into one of the best Engineering Colleges within a span of twenty years. It started with 260 students and five branches of engineering – ECE, EEE CSE, CSIT, and Mechanical and expanded to eight branches - ECE, EEE CSE, IT, Mechanical, ECM, Bio- Technology and Civil Engineering. With undaunted spirit and well planned policies, SNIST showed the entire nation the extraordinary growth in every stage of its pageant of twenty years, since the inception in 1997.

The department of Science and Humanities, the back bone of SNIST, was established in 1997 preparing the FIRST YEAR students ready with all the required abilities and enabling them to learn the core subjects of the respective departments in their subsequent years. Starting off with about 260 students and faculty strength of 7, the department garnered student strength of nearly 1680 FRESHMAN students and a faculty figure of more than 100 with its sections like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English by 2017-18.



The Institution  has gradually grown from five branches – ECE, EEE, CSE, CSIT, and Mechanical with 260 students,  to eight branches - ECE, EEE CSE, IT , Mechanical, ECM, Bio- Technology and Civil Engineering with 1680 students. From FIVE Sections in 1997 the Institute has grown to 28 sections by 2017. This speaks volumes of the growth of the Institution. In the last five to six years the institution has witnessed an exponential growth and development that is equivalent to the entire growth of the Institution garnered in the initial one and a half decade.

The development also is manifold; Paper Publications in National and International Journals, Books published by renowned publishers, producing Doctorates by supervising and guiding the research work, achieving patents, attending and organizing Seminars, workshops, and Symposia, organizing Faculty Development Programs, conducting National and International Seminars, etc are to name a few academic activities of the faculty members apart from their regular and routine teaching and administrative schedule.

The mission of laying a strong foundation for engineering students to attain excellence in core competencies with high level of motivation is achieved by the department. We prepare the students to be technically competent, morally strong, and psychologically balanced to face and survive the global challenges and incorporate cross cultural environment. With two decades of experience behind, the department is marching ahead into another decade carrying the vision and mission with short and long term goals.


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