Summer Training

The SNIST organized industrial training to all the third year students for about 2 to 4 weeks during summer vacation in various industrial and research establishments listed below:

  • M/s.HMT Ltd.
  • M/s.Midhani Ltd.
  • M/s.Lokesh Machine Tools Ltd.
  • M/s.MMT Ltd.
  • M/s.Veljan Hydrair Ltd.
  • M/s.Precision Electronics Ltd.
  • M/s.Renewable Energy Systems Ltd.
  • M/s.Saradhi Industries, Hyderabad.
  • M/s.Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation, Hyderabad.
  • M/s.Electronic Test Development Centre, Hyderabad.
  • M/s.Remote Sensing Instruments Private Ltd., Hyderabad.
  • M/s.MIC Electronics, Hyderabad.
  • M/s.Defence Research Development Laboratories, Hyderabad
  • M/s.Electronic Corporation of India Ltd., Hyderabad.
  • M/s.Electronic Test Development Centre, Hyderabad.
  • M/s.Centre for Electronic Tests in Engg., Hyderabad.
  • M/s.MIC Electronics, Hyderabad.
  • M/s.Duke Arnics Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad.
  • M/s.Vera Tronics, Hyderabad.
  • M/s.Power Tronics, Hyderabad.
  • M/s.Epsilon Electronic, Hyderabad.
  • M/s.Select Electronics, Hyderabad.
  • M/s.Annapurna Electronics Services, Hyderabad.
  • M/s.Central Power Research Institute, Hyderabad.
  • M/s.Info Centre Ltd., Hyderabad.
  • M/s.Select Electronics Ltd., Hyderabad
  • M/s.Lokesh Machine Tools Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad
  • M/s.Power Tronics Ltd., Hyderabad
  • M/s.Electro Magnetic Devices Ltd., Hyderabad
  • M/s.Laxmi Engineering Works Ltd., Hyderabad
  • M/s.Electronic Trade Development Centre, Hyderabad

All the students who undergo practical training submit training reports and the best report was awarded a prize.

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