Campus Placements

The prime objective of the Placement Department, is to bring as many opportunities as possible and opportunities from the best Companies.  To attain the above objectives, it is necessary to understand the latest trends in the market and skills requirements.  Meeting with industry representatives and visiting them on site helps to figure out and form a base requirement, that can be passed on to the students for them to prepare themselves.

In a time when automation has taken over the mundane and repetitive elements of a job, the skill sets of students need to be upscaled in an effort to be able to secure a good offer.   With technology changing at a rapid pace, it becomes necessary that the students too are able to keep pace with the changes.   Cascading of latest information to all students without delay becomes a priority.

Since, there are academic constraints, it becomes important that short term and details programs are arranged for the students. Vetting out competent vendors to impart special programs for up-scaling of students skills becomes important.

Placement department offer the bridge the students require to cross over from a college student to a productive employee.


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