Efforts for Better Employability

SNIST has grown on its academic strength which matched with the industrial requirement from the inception of the Institution. Within first 5 years i.e. from 2nd batch of this Institution, Students made their mark in the industry. Some of the efforts made by the Placement department and the Institute to enhance the student’s employability, are:

  • Conducting Campus Recruitment Training for students on completion of  pre-final year of their degree.
  • Conducting special programs, workshops and seminars on latest trends in the  Technologies
  • Conducting psychometric, assessments tests by companies like CoCUBES, AMCAT etc.. for better opportunities.
  • Sponsoring and encouraging students to participate in competitions, where their skills can be displayed and improved. Some of the venues of competition are HAKATHONs,  coding events, projects in their area of interest, workshops conducted by reputed organizations.
  •  Inviting recruiting HR Personnel to interact with students to give them insight and to make them understand the industry skill requirements.
  • Exposing them to information of up-to-date market trends in order to prepare them for challenges in the selection process of companies of repute.
  •  Counseling, coaching, mentoring students from rural background so as to match them with their peer and upscale them to the industry requirements.
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