Printed Journals & Magazines

International Journals

      1.Antennas & Propagation Magazine

      2.Antennas & Propagation Transactions

      3.Audio, Speech & Language Processing Transactions

      4.Automatic Control Transactions

      5.Communications Magazine8.Computational Biology & Bio Informatics Transactions

      9.Computational Intelligence Magazine

      10.Computer Magazine

      11.Computers Transactions

      12.Control Systems Magazine

      13.Control systems Technology Transactions

      14.Dielectrics & Electrical Insulation Transactions

      15.Education Transactions

                16.Electrical Insulation Magazine

                17.Electromagnetic Compatibility Transactions

                18.Electron Devices Transactions

                19.Energy Conversion Transactions

                20.Engineering Management Review

                21.Engineering Management Transactions

                22.Engineering Medicine & Biology Magazine

                23.Image Processing Transactions

                24.Industrial Electronics Magazine

                25.Industrial Electronics Transactions

                26.Industrial Informatics Transactions

                27.Industrial Informatics Transactions

                28.Information Technology In Biomedicine, Transactions

                29.Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine

                30.Instrumentation & Measurement Transactions

                31.International Journal of Advanced Computer Engineering

                32.International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Engg. Sciences

                33.International Journal of Computer Science& Engineering Systems

                34.International Journal of Computer Science& Information Technology

                35.International Journal of Computer Science& Information Technology

                36.International Journal of Computer, Mathematical Sciences And Applications

                37.International Journal of Computers, Information Technology& Engg.

                38.International Journal of Highly Reliable Electronic System Design

                39.International Journal of Information Analysis And Processing

                40.International Journal of Intelligent Information Processing

      41.International Journal of Management Research& Tech.

      42.International Journal of Manufacturing Science& Technology

      43.International Journal of Materials Research

      44.International Journal of Mathematics& Applications

      45.International Journal of Mechanical Engineering

      46.International Journal of Nano Systems

      47.International Journal of Nano Systems and Technology

      48. International Journal of Numerical Optimisation And Applicaitons

      49.International Journal of Pure& Applied Chemistry

      50.International Journal of Statistics& Management Systems

      51.International Journal of Synthesis & Characterization

      52.International Journal on Information And Communication Technologies

      53.International Journal on Neural Networks And Applications

      54.International Journal on Neural Networks And Applications

      55.Journal of Cybernetics and Systems Global Review of Business and Economic Rsearch

      56.Mechatronics Transactions

      57.Medical Imaging Transactions

      58.Micro-Electromechanical Systems Journal

      59.Microware Magazine

      60.Microwave Theory & Techniques Transactions

      61.Nano Bioscience Transactions

      62.Nature Biotechnology

      63.Nature Reviews Immunology

      64.Nature Reviews Microbiology

      65.Neural Networks Transaction

      66.New Advances In Physics: An International Journal

      67.Power & Energy Magazine

      68.Power Delivery, Transactions

      69.Power Electronics Transactions

      70.Power Systems Transactions<>

      71.Robotics And Automation Magazine

      72.Robotics Transactions

      73.Signal  Processing Magazine

      74.Signal Processing Transactions

      75.Software Engineering Transactions

      76.Transactions on Biomedical Circuits & Systems

      77.Transactions on Circuits & Systems (Part I)

      78.Transactions on Circuits & Systems (Part II)

      79.Transactions on Communications

      80.Transactions on Components & Packaging Technologies

      81.Transactions on Electronics Packaging Manufacturing

      82.Transactions on Multimedia

      83.Transactions on Nano-Technology

      84.Transactions on Networking

      85.Transactions on Vlsi Systems


Indian Journals and Magazines

  1. Abhigyan
  2. Aerospace Engg.(Ie,Cal)(H)   
  3. Annual Report of Teri
  4. Asian African Journal of Economics & Business & Econometrics
  5. Bhavan’s Journal
  6. Bhel Journal (M)
  7. Bio-Spectrum (M)
  8. Bulletin of Material Science(H)
  9. Business India
  10. Business Strategy (Icfai)
  11. Competition Success Review (M)
  12. Computer Engg (Ie, Cal)
  13. 13.Current Science (F)
  14. Data Quest (F)  
  15. Deds (Q)  
  16. Defence Science Journal(Q) 
  17. Digit(M)
  18. Edu Tracks
  19. Electrical Engg(Ie,Calcutta) (Q)
  20. Electrical Engineering Update (Bi-M)                                                            
  21. Electrical India (F)                     
  22. Electronics &Telecommunications Engg (IE,CAL) (H)
  23. Electronics For You (M)
  24. Electronics Today(M)
  25. Employment News(W)
  26. Engineering Advances
  27. Engineering Today
  28. Entrepreneurship Icfai
  29. Environment Science & Engineering
  30. Express Computer (W)
  31. Fluid Power(Q)
  32. Foundry (Bi-M)
  33. Front Line (F)
  34. GIS India (BI-M) 
  35. Harward Business Review
  36. IETE Journal of Education
  37. IETE Journals of Research                  
  38. IETE Technical Review 
  39. India Today (W)
  40. Indian Development Review 
  41. 41.Indian Journal Biochemistry & Biophysics (Bi-M)
  42. Indian Journal of Biotechnology
  43. Indian Journal of Economics & Business
  44. Indian Journal of Economics And Business
  45. Indian Journal of Foundry (M) F
  46. Indian Journal of Social Development
  47. 47.Indian Journal of Training & Development (Q) 
  48. Indian of Journal of Experimental Biology (M)
  49. Industrial Engg. Journal
  50. Industrial Reference(M)
  51. Information Technology (M)
  52. International Journal of Applied Business & Economic Research
  53. International Journal of Information Technology & Knowledge Management
  54. Invention Intelligence(Bi-M) )  
  55. IREDA News
  56. Journal of Advanced Research In Computer Engineering
  57. Journal of Astrophysics & Astronomy (Q)  
  58. Journal of Biosciences (H)
  59. Journal of Business Management
  60. Journal of Cybernetics and Systems
  61. Journal of Genetics(H)
  62. Journal of Intellectual Property (Bi-M)
  63. Journal of Purity
  64. Journal of Science Education (M)
  65. Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research (M)
  66. Managerial Economics (ICFAI)
  67. Mechanical Engg (Ie,Cal)(Q)
  68. Medical Aromatic Plants Abstracts (Bi-M)
  69. Metallurgical & Material Science(Ie,Cal)  (H)      
  70. Motor India(M)
  71. Pc Quest(M)
  72. Pramana Journal of Physics (M)
  73. Proceedings Chemical Sciences (H)
  74. Proceedings Earth & Planet Sciences (Q)
  75. Proceedings Mathematical Sciences (Q)
  76. Production Engg (IE, CAL)
  77. Projects & Profits
  78. Read (Resources, Energy, and Development) (Bi-Annual)
  79. Reader’s Digest(M)
  80. Regulatory Q
  81. Sadhana Engineering Sciences (H)  
  82. Science Reporter (M)
  83. Scientific American (M)
  84. Search(M)
  85. Sesi (Journal of the Solar Energy Society of India) (Bi-Annual)
  86. Sports Star (W)
  87. Teddy (Teri Energy Data Directory and Yearbook)(Annual)
  88. Teri Newswire
  89. Teriscope (Bi-M)
  90. Terragreen H
  91. The Icfai Journal of Management Research
  92. The Icfai Journal of Organizational Behaviour
  93. The Innovative ACR (Q)
  94. The Oriental Journal of Physics
  95. The Week (W)
  96. The World Renewal
  97. Tidee (Teri Information Digest on Energy and Environment) (Q)
  98. Triveni Literary Journal
  99. University News (W)
  100. Voice & Data (M)
  101. 101.Women’s Era
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