Art's Club Objective:

Arts Club pays a humble tribute to all the forms of expression, sharing its exquisiteness with one and all. Founded by a group of 3 members, the club has escalated to wonderful heights since its inception on July 29, 2005. Arts club, as an entity, believes in encouraging passion rather than capability. Capability stems up when the heart compels you to generate interest in a particular aspect. With a desire to encourage various forms of art, the club functions with various platforms such as Sargam, Kalakriti, Abhinaya, Nritya, Shakthi and Sahithi catering to diverse aspects such as  painting, film making, writing, acting, singing and dancing. Enhancing opportunity in each of the fields, the club has facilitated the students who have had a genuine will to experiment with their penchant.
Arts Club Members
S.No Name Designation E Mail
01 Rutwik V Jangam President
02 Tarun Kumar Angala Vice President
03 Sai vineeth. P Organizing Head
04 Sidhartha Reddy Marketing Head
05 Jayanth Tirupati Public Relations Head
06 Lekha Cheruku Documentation Head

Arts Club Activites:

Arts Club has conducted competitions for an entire week - popularly known as ARTS WEEK - such as Drawing, Painting, Drama and Literary activities and many other significant ones in precedence to the Annual Day  that saw the students appear in large numbers. One of the amazing things to be proud of is that one of the founders of the club, Vasanth, has now turned into a professional filmmaker, giving his passion for dramatics an entirely new dimension. The college has also seen many young emerging filmmakers who have made various documentaries, short films in the entirety of the academic year.

Some of our important events that took place in SNIST are

  • Trinity -2016
  • Dandiya Night
  • Food Festival
  • Arts Week
  • Diyara - The Diya Stall
  • Rangoli Festival
  • Naach and Annual Day


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