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The Training and Placement Cell helps the students gain confidence in the career development by organizing:

i) Periodic visits to relevant industries where they observe the design and manufacturing and inspection methodologies of various products.

ii) Preparation of reports on their visit due to which they develop report making skills

iii) Training in industries during summer vacation is encouraged for all the students for 2-3 weeks to get to know the working pattern in Industries like Time keeping, Detailed design procedure, Manufacturing, Commercial aspects, Inspection, Discipline, Management of men, Management of Material, Safety etc.

The students prepare their training reports after successful completion of the programme. They develop confidence in general, and learn to work together in a team while absorbing the knowledge from the industrial environment. This has worked wonders to improve their interaction skills.

Placement Through Campus Interviews

From the inception SNIST has been attaching lot of importance to placement of its students.  To facilitate that, the members of Staff and Placement Cell have called on the CEOs and HR Executives of various companies irrespective of the branch discipline. It has organized Industry - Institute interaction meets to identify the gaps between the curriculum and  the industry requirement, so that the gaps could be filled by designed ‘Bridge Courses’ offered at the college or if available outside in the city to advise the students to undergo the programme.  Most sought after skills at the current times are recommended to be learnt to improve employability. 

 The number of companies visiting Sreenidhi increased year after year and more companies are convinced to visit Sreenidhi for campus placements to get quality associates.   Company senior executives are being invited to visit the college to see the facilities and to address the students on various technical topics and behavioural sciences etc. to help improve the acceptability of Sreenidhi candidates. 

 Sreenidhi lays lot of importance on soft skills in students.  Write up on soft skills was prepared and issued to all the students in the form of a manual.  Sreenidhi also trains students in aptitude and logical reasoning in association with the Institute of Electronic Governance though Campus Placement.  A mentor for this purpose appointed, trained the students to improve their employability. 


Sreenidhi has also appointed two exclusive faculty to train the students from the first year to final year on various communicational aspects under an exclusive center formed namely “Center for Communication Skills Development” (CCSD).  Separate write up on CCSD is given elsewhere. 

 Sreenidhi also strives to encourage its students to become entrepreneurs under the “Entrepreneurship Development Cell” (EDC).  Necessary information input is given.  Students are motivated to work in teams doing mini projects and also innovate.  A separate write up on the activities of EDC is also given.

A good number of reputed companies have conducted campus selections and many more have expressed their desire to come for assessment of the college as per their norms. 

Companies, which have visited SNIST for campus Interviews:

Sl.No. Name of the Company
1 M/s.ADP Pvt. Ltd.
2 M/s.Alp Consultants for M/s. Dell Computers
3 M/s.Apps Associates Pvt. Ltd.
4 M/s. Infosys Technologies
5 M/s. Value Labs
6 M/s. Tecumseh Products India Ltd.
7 M/s. Tata Consultancy Services
8 M/s. Sutherland Global Services
9 M/s. Sierra Atlantic
10 M/s.Caritor India Pvt. Ltd.
11 M/s. Satyam Computer Ltd.
12 M/s. O S I Technologies
13 M/s. Medha Servo Drives Pvt. Ltd.
14 M/s. LVL 7 Systems Pvt. Ltd.
15 M/s. Intoto
16 M/s. Integra Micro Systems Pvt. Ltd.
17 M/s. GE IBC
18 M/s. C M C Ltd.
19 M/s. Cognizant Technologies Solutions
20 M/s. Danlaw Technologies
21 M/s. Yasu Technologies
22 M/s. Sanghi Polysters Ltd.
23 M/s. HCL Infosys
24 M/s. Convergy's IMG
25 M/s. Dell International Services
26 M/s. Infotech Enterprises Ltd.
27 M/s. Ideaspace Solutions Ltd.
28 M/s. Kairaus Software
29 M/s. Keane India
30 M/s. Zitt Technologies
31 M/s. Mahindra & Mahindra
32 M/s. Qualcore Logic
33 M/s. Emcon Emsys Tech. Pvt. Ltd.
34 M/s. Trians
35 M/s.Vega Conveyors & Automation Ltd.
36 M/s. Vijai Electrical Pvt. Ltd. off Campus
37 M/s. Wipro
38 M/s.IBM
39 M/s.Siemens Info Systems Ltd.

Office of the Dean,
                        Personality Development, Training and Placement
Campus Interview: Additional Companies Expected to visit in the Current Year 2006-07

S.No. Name of the Company
1 Accenture
2 Ashok Leyland
3 Aztech Software
4 Birla Software
5 Ennore Industries
7 GMR Groups
8 Honeywell
9 Hewlett Packard
10 Kanbay
11 L & T
12 Lanco Industries
13 Microsoft
15 Philips
16 Polaris Software

Other Companies expected to visit:

     1. M/s. Vision Labs
     2. M/s. Polaris
     3. M/s. Intergraph
     4. M/s.Sonata Software